The MATIS® bioreactor
An innovative solution for micropropagation of plants

MATIS® is an innovative industrial base of micropropagation. It is intended for the production of plants in vitro, at low cost, while ensuring a high biological efficacy. The MATIS® is a simple to use device, effective and durable over time. It represents the ideal solution for large-scale production quality.
  • High transparency for optimal light diffusion
  • horizontal design favoring a homogeneous development through better spreading of the plants and very good light transmission
  • Single-piece for excellent impact resistance, easier handling and a large culture volume
  • Easy access and handling the plant material produced through a large opening on top of the bioreactor and an innovative locking system quick release
  • Tested on many species of micropropagation
  • The fruit of 25 years of experience in bioreactors of a group leader in the temporary immersion technology, including 10 years at industrial level
  • Tests under industrial conditions in Mexico, Nicaragua and Costa Rica
The MATIS® is the result of 12 years of research on micropropagation in temporary immersion systems conducted by the CIRAD team (France), under the leadership of Drs. Hervé ETIENNE and Frédéric GEORGET. The MATIS® serves both the requirements of industrial production and laboratory research.
The exceptional biological performance are permitted through the special design of MATIS®, especially its large volume – 5.5 l with 3.2 l useful – compared to most bioreactors currently on the market and its horizontal structure favoring the spreading of biomass and a better light transmission.
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